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Vourvourou is s seaside tourist resort in eastern Sithonia, well known for its natural beauty and its nine small islands where the virgin nature and the secret charming beaches make it very special!

Vourvourou is located 5km from Ormos Panagias and it’s an intoxicating combination of green and blue.

There are 3 great swimming spots here: the beach of Vourvourou, the secluded cove of Karydi and the Livari Lagoon with its shallow waters. If you are a passionate explorer, there are nine tiny islands all around the bay that you need to explore; especially the larger one called “Diaporos”.

The island of Diaporos

The island of Diaporos with the permanently warm, transparent, turquoise waters is located just opposite Vourvourou in Sithonia, the 2nd leg of Halkidiki. The bay is deep enough for the visitor to go by boat and the view is simply unreal ! The Diaporos is larger than the cluster of nine islands in the Gulf of Vourvourou, which has no permanent residents, but there are some scattered houses. The island has a huge natural bay 700 meters long that ends in shallow water very warm, while it is covered by a pine forest making it a real paradise . Around Diaporos are many even smaller islands , scattered in the waters of the bay of Vourvourou, such as Ampelitsi, Kalogria, Peristeri, Agios Isidoros and Prasonisi.

 These islands have incredible exotic beauty , crystal clear waters and are reminiscent of Caribbean colors . You can arrive either by renting a boat yourself (no special permit required) or you can make a day trip by canoe and spend an unforgettable day in complete tranquility on a small island! Diaporos has an area of 3.2 km² and a huge natural bay, which serves as a berth for boats when the sea becomes rough. The waters were warm all year round and you consider it an ideal destination for winter swimmers! And of course there is nothing organized on the beaches or in the coves, so do not forget to have the essentials with you!

Caribbean colors

Worth seeing:

Swim in the exotic beach of Myrsini or Hawaii or White beach -as the locals call it- and it is undoubtedly one of the exotic beaches that Sithonia has to show!

Discover the ” Blue Lake ” as the locals call it! It is a point between the islands of Diaporos and Agios Isidoros that looks like a big pool with turquoise waters !

Do not miss it!

Wear your mask and dive in the clear blue waters to admire the wonderful underwater world !