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Boat Compass 150cc - No License Required

The Compass 150 CC departs from the cruise speed boats thanks to its modern design and modern construction. At the same time it maintains an extremely spacious length for deck that allows not only fishing but also the comfortable seafront ride of a family of four.
The new model of the renowned Compass company is a great example of the good work that has been done in the yard for some years, upgrading both the new and the previous models. Designed on white paper to dynamically fit into the 4.5 meter open center console. Although the deck has all the conditions it needs for fishing, the sporty appearance “sorts” it more into a leisure boat for watersports and family rides.


Things to do:

boat 11

If you love fishing, go to “Livari” to enjoy yourselves or explore the shallow gulfs of Vourvourou.

Join a sea kayak tour and find the unparalleled beauty on the nearby Diaporos island

Rent a boat in Vourvourou and explore the complex of little islets in the bay.

Visit the Karidi beach for alternative sports and fun experience discovering Sea & Mountain sports.

Worth it to see:

The bay of Kriftos, a secret gem, is of great interest; hidden on the north side of Diaporos, it used to be a shelter for pirates.

The coral reef of Vourvourou seems to be very impressive for divers, it is a good chance to live a unique experience.

The “Great Wall” (Megas Tichos), a small peninsula north of Vourvourou.

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Rent a Boat in Vourvourou

“The Blue Waters or Blue Lagoon as it is commonly called the spot is an exceptional miracle that is not found anywhere else in Halkidiki. It’s like the Caribbean islands . It is located in a narrow passage between Diaporos and the island of Agios Isidoros.

Blue Lagoon is a shallow bay with white sand. This combination of white sand and shallow allows for a very light blue glacier color in the water. From above it looks like someone is turning on the underwater lights to illuminate the lagoon like a shining gem – it is absolutely amazing!
Just imagine yourself diving from the deck of a boat into the refreshing crystal clear sea or snorkeling in this pool-like wonder with amazing clarity!”

“Myrsini beach is located on the east side of Diaporos and is in itself an important reason to rent a boat. They also call it “White Beach” and “Hawaii”, you can easily understand why when you are there. White sand, sandy rocks and lush pines complete the exotic beauty of the landscape. Due to its location, it is protected from the winds and the sea is always calm.”